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Nāṉ Ār? (Who am I?)

Upadēśa Undiyār

Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu

Upadēśa Kaliveṇbā (the extended version of Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu)


Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam

Sri Ramanopadesa Noonmalai

Guru Vachaka Kovai

Sadhanai Saram

The Path of Sri Ramana

Happiness and the Art of Being


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Transliteration, transcription and pronunciation of Tamil and Sanskrit

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Contact Michael James

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Contact by e-mail

If you would like to contact me to ask any question about the teachings of Sri Ramana or any related subject, you can send an e-mail to me by clicking on the following link:

Contact Michael James

If clicking on this link does not open a blank e-mail addressed to me (because of the internet options or other setup options on your PC), please right-click on this link and select ‘Copy email address’ (or any other similar option such as ‘Copy shortcut’), and then paste my e-mail address into the ‘To’ bar of a blank e-mail.

Please bear with me if I cannot reply

I am sorry to say that I cannot reply to all the e-mails that I receive, and if I can reply to any e-mail that you send me, I may not be able to do so promptly, because I receive so many e-mails that I simply do not have time to reply to them all. Sometimes I can spare more time to reply to e-mails, but at other times I am too busy with other work and commitments, so often a large backlog of unanswered e-mails builds up, and hence many e-mails inevitably remain without ever being answered.

Nevertheless, I do in principle like to reply to all the e-mails that I receive, particularly those that ask for clarification about the practice of ātma-vicāra or any other important aspect of Sri Ramana’s teachings, so I will certainly try to reply any e-mail that you write to me if I can find sufficient time. Therefore, if you have an important question to ask me, please do not hesitate to write to me, but please bear with me if I am not able to reply promptly.

Invitations to social networking sites

I often receive invitations to join as a ‘friend’ on one of the various social networking sites such as Facebook, but I do not have time to participate in such sites, so please do not send me any such invitation.

I used to reply to all such invitations, explaining why I prefer to decline them, but now I do not have time to do so, so please do not expect a reponse if you do send me such an invitation.