Videos on the Teachings of Sri Ramana

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All the available videos of Michael James discussing the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi can be viewed on his YouTube channel:

Sri Ramana Teachings

Unfortunately YouTube have now began to place advertisements even on videos in channels like this that are not monetised, so many of the more recent videos on this channel are also available on the Vimeo channel of Sri Ramana Center of Houston, where you can watch them without advertisements.

Moreover, audio copies of all of these videos are available for download and all the more recent ones (since 14th August 2021) can also be listened to online (without any advertisements), as explained in more detail in the final section of this page: Audio copies and podcast.


There are currently more than five hundred videos on this channel, organised into the following thirty-one playlists:

  1. Sri Ramana Teachings: all videos (in reverse chronological order)
  2. Sri Ramana Jayanti, Aradhana and Advent celebrations
  3. ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல அக்ஷரமணமாலை (Śrī Aruṇācala Akṣaramaṇamālai): The Marital Garland of Syllables for Arunachala
  4. ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல நவமணிமாலை (Śrī Aruṇācala Navamaṇimālai): The Necklace of Nine Gems for Arunachala
  5. ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல பதிகம் (Śrī Aruṇācala Padigam), Eleven Verses to Arunachala
  6. ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல அஷ்டகம் (Śrī Aruṇācala Aṣṭakam): Eight Verses to Arunachala
  7. ஸ்ரீ அருணாசல பஞ்சரத்னம் (Śrī Aruṇācala Pañcaratnam): The Five Gems to Arunachala
  8. அருணாசலரமணன் (Aruṇācalaramaṇaṉ)
  9. நானார்? (Nāṉ Ār?): Who am I?
  10. உள்ளது நாற்பது (Uḷḷadu Nāṟpadu): Forty Verses on What Is
  11. உபதேச வுந்தியார் (Upadēśa Undiyār): The Essence of Spiritual Instructions
  12. उपदेश सारः (Upadēśa Sāraḥ): The Essence of Spiritual Instructions
  13. ஆன்ம வித்தை (Āṉma-Viddai): The Song on the Science of Self
  14. அப்பளப் பாட்டு (Appaḷa-p-Pāṭṭu): The Appaḷam Song
  15. ஏகான்ம பஞ்சகம் (Ēkāṉma Pañcakam): Five Verses on Oneself, the One
  16. Miscellaneous verses composed by Bhagavan Ramana
  17. The note that Bhagavan wrote for his mother in December 1898
  18. The five sheaths and three states
  19. Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK: general discussions
  20. Sri Ramana Center, Houston: general discussions
  21. Discussions with Ramana Kendra, Delhi
  22. Discussions with Sri Ramana Satsang group, Bay Area, California
  23. Discussions with Sri Ramana Satsang, Connecticut
  24. Discussions with Boston Ramana Satsang
  25. Discussions with Yo Soy Tu Mismo
  26. Discussions with San Diego Ramana Satsang
  27. Discussions with Ramana group, Helsinki
  28. Discussions with Seattle Ramana Satsang
  29. Sadhu Om and his songs
  30. Miscellaneous discussions
  31. Interviews on other channels

Subscribe to Sri Ramana Teachings channel

Several new videos are uploaded to this channel each month, so if you would like to be notified by YouTube whenever any new video is added to this channel, you can subscribe to it either by clicking on Subscribe to Sri Ramana Teachings or by visiting Sri Ramana Teachings and clicking on the red ‘Subscribe’ button that you will see in the upper right-hand corner just under the banner showing Arunachala hill.

Audio copies and podcast

Audio copies of all these videos are available on MediaFire in a folder called Discussions with Michael James, where they can be downloaded either as MP3 files, which are larger, or as Opus files, which are compressed and therefore much smaller but of more or less the same audio quality. Opus files therefore take up much less storage space, and can be listened to in VLC media player and several other apps.

Audio copies of all the more recent videos (since 14th August 2021) and some earlier ones are also available on the Sri Ramana Teachings podcast, where they can be downloaded as MP3 files or listened to either online or through the Podbean app (recommended because it is guaranteed to be free of audio advertisements) or various other podcast apps.